A physical inspection of the vehicle, by a qualified expert, is the only effective method by which to ascertain the true condition of a vehicle as would be necessary to assess an accurate value which can be certified by an expert and accepted by a third-party. It would be like to purchasing a vehicle by mere photos without inspecting it or securing a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI).

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The timing for having an valuation done would depend upon the particular matter and any requirements.

One needs to be cautious of issues such as court orders, Insurance policy and/or contract wording and any statutes of limitations. Requirements often depend upon the need and the party requesting the appraisal. Should your particular issue involve a matter of the past, you may elect to seek a valuation for the property's "pre-loss value" (as it was at the time of the loss) which can be much greater than that at a later date.

An valuation may be desired or required for various reasons including, but not limited to:
  • Verifying the condition of a vehicle prior to lease turn-in (no damage or if damaged, the reasonable cost of repair [Repair Assessment])
  • Valuation for true "residual value"
  • Determining a fair replacement value of a vehicle determined to be a total loss,
  • Establish loss (diminution) in value due to accident damages
An automotive (vehicle) valuation is utilized to aid in establishing the value of a particular vehicle for a specified period of time. The appraisal may be used to certify a vehicle's value to secure a loan, obtain- renew or update insurance coverage or help resolve a legal issue to ascertain diminished value, and/or determine a vehicle's pre-loss value when negotiating a total-loss recovery.
An valuation is a service whereas a professional appraiser, proficient in the particular field, evaluates the subject property and prepares a formal assessment whereas an opinion of value is rendered. ADE currently provides appraisals for various types of vehicles (i.e. cars, trucks, motor homes, travel trailers, motor cycles etc.) and services including.
The report is based on the opinions and expertise of the engineer following a visual assessment as to the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection.
  • Dismantling the vehicle or any of its components
  • Any indication as to the accuracy of the mileage reading - we recommend an oil and fuel consumption
  • Source of oil leaks
  • TV/DVD/satellite navigation systems
  • Cylinder compression
  • Air-conditioning function and efficiency by the use of specific diagnostic equipment
  • Vehicle electrics and electronics by the use of specific diagnostic equipment
  • Exhaust emissions and/or catalytic converters using gas analysing equipment
  • Habitation area of motorhomes: electrical systems and appliances, water fittings and appliances, gas fittings and appliances, body/caravan ¬†¬†area for water ingress or dampness
  • Tell the owner that you are arranging an inspection
  • Obtain the owner's permission to road test the vehicle
  • Check that the vehicle will be available to allow the inspection and road test to take place
  • Check that the vehicle has a current MOT certificate (if applicable) and has sufficient fuel for the road test
  • The vehicle must be located on a hard, level surface off the public highway
  • The vehicle should be reasonably clean
The registration number enables us to identify the vehicle, and to allocate the price and type of inspection.
  • Any vehicle over 15 years old.
  • Refrigerated units and bodywork, body tipping gear, tail lifts.
  • Horse boxes.
  • Kit cars.
  • Limousines.
  • Hybrid/dual-fuel vehicles.
  • Motorcycles
  • Specific high performance vehicles
We can inspect the majority of cars, light vans & bike, truck ,cranes up to 15 years old, either before purchase or after purchase. Vehicle age is determined by the year of manufacture and may differ from the year of registration.